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Student Support

Prizes and awards for academic excellence

Pocker Sahib Memorial Prize for the first year degree student who secures highest marks in the qualifying examination. This cash award of Rs.500/- is instituted by the teaching staff of the college. Seethi Sahib Memorial Prize - For the first year degree student who ranks first in the qualifying examination from among the orphan students. This cash award of Rs.250 /- is instituted by the Non-teaching staff of the college. C.H. Ebrahim Haji Memorial Prize - For the highest mark holder in the first year PG class in their qualifying exam. This cash award of Rs. 500 /- is instituted by C.H. Mohammed & Sons, Tirurangadi. L.Abdul Majeed Memorial Prize - For the +2 student who ranks first among the children of non teaching staff of Private colleges in Malappuram Dist. This cash award of Rs. 500/- is instituted by the KPCMSF unit of the college. Prof. K.Ahamed Kutty Memorial Prize- This is a cash award of Rs. 500/- instituted by the Department of Mathematics, to the student who scores highest mark from this college, in the University Examination of M.Sc (Mathematics). Prof. N.V. Zulaikha Memorial Prize - This is a cash award of Rs. 500/- instituted by the Department of Mathematics, to the student who scores highest marks from this college, in the University Examination of Final B.Sc (Mathematics). Musthafa Memorial Prize For the student of the college who secures highest marks in B.Sc (Chemistry) examination. Best sportsman cash award - For the best sportsperson in the college. The cash award of Rs. 250/- is instituted by the teaching staff of the college. Prof. V. Mohamed Kutty Memorial prize instituted by Mr. E.K. Kunhalikutty (former Lecturer, Alumni, Dept. of Chemistry, P.S.M.O. College) for the top scorer in M.Sc Chemistry. Prof. N. damodaran Memorial prize for the top scorer in B.A English instituted nu Dr. K.P. Balakrishnan (Cardiologist, PVS Memorial Hospital and Alumni of PSMO). Prof. A.K. Mohammed Memorial cash prize instituted by the Dept. of Physics for the top scorer in the Final B.Sc Physics (Main) University Exam each year.
P.S.M.O. College P.T.A Scholarships
The PTA of the college has instituted scholarships to meritorious but poor students. Each year applications are invited at the beginning of the year.

P.S.M.O. College Alumni Association U.A.E Chapter Scholarships
This is a scholarship programme initiated and funded by the UAE chapter of P.S.M.O. College Alumni Association offered to the meritorious and poor students.

Staff Loan Scholarship Scheme
This fund is generated by a few members of the teaching staff to provide monthly financial help to studious but poor students. This is given as an advance on a guarantee of repayment after getting employed.

Student Aid Fund
Mobilized by collecting five rupees from fees paying students and used to extend help to those needy students in meeting basic learning requirements.

Medical Aid Fund
A fund generated through small contributions made by the staff and students for the destitute who need funds for their medical treatment.

Tutorial system
The tutorial system is designed to make possible the intellectually disadvantaged students who need extra help and guidance in keeping pace with other classmates. Special evening remedial hours are handled by teachers on a structured basis.

Advisory system
This system has been specifically intended to bring up the abilities of the student through proper emotional motivation and guidance. It also is meant to understand the student, his / her family conditions social and cultural status, the problems that he faces in and outside the class etc. and help him to get relieved of those problems. For this a teacher is given charge of a class and he acts as the class Advisor. The teacher, designated as the Advisor of a class, keeps the details of the students from entry level to exit level. He guides, helps and motivates the student and keep liaison with the parents. Class advisor convene class-wise parent teacher meeting once or twice a year. The system also ensures effective teaching and sufficient attention on the student and fosters the general discipline of the college. The student is expected to consult the advisor on all academic/non academic matters. All applications and requests to the principal shall be submitted only through the advisor.

Complaint Grievances Redress cell
This cell is looking at the grievances of stu dents on internal evaluation. This has 3 levels. First at the level of teacher concerned, second at the level of department committee and third at the level of college committee.

The CGR committee is constituted to provide meaningful and effective precedents against any act of discrimination on the basis of age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, cast, creed, disability and complaints pertaining to harassment, ragging, misbehavior or any other offensive acts from the part of staff and students.

Women's Harassment Prevention Committee
This committee looks into various types of complaints from the part of girl students/female staff, suggest various procedures for its prevention and continually monitors the well being of girls inside and outside the campus.

Examinations and Test Papers
There will be periodic test papers and a terminal examination in each academic year. Progress cards will be issued to the parents in the class wise PTA meeting convened by the class advisor after the terminal examination. No student is permitted to abstain himself from these examinations. Students who fail to apply for the university examinations or not having sufficient Attendance, Progress and Conduct (APC) will be detained in the same class.

Extracurricular Activities

With an eye on the all round development of its students, the college provides many extracurricular activities. Some of them are given below.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)
NCC subunit functions in the college since 1969. It has 160 cadets on its rolls. It has adjudged as the best sub unit under the 29 Kerala BN NCC and won the rolling trophy many years. The subunit has been winning trophies for the best march past on Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations at Malappuram for the past many years. In the year 2003 we stole a march over other institutions of Kerala State by winning the prestigious Chief Minister Rolling Trophy for collecting the highest amount towards armed forces Flag Day Fund.

NCC training improve the physical and mental ability of the students. It is aimed to develop qualities of character, courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship and ideals of selfless service among the students to make them useful citizens.

Officer : Shibinu.S(Dept. of Economics)

National Service Scheme (NSS)
This is a national scheme for training the youth for democratic leadership. The NSS aims at personality development of students through community service. The major objectives are to work with and among the people, engage in productive social work, to enrich the society through practical programmes of rural development, to bridge the gulf between educated and uneducated people in the society and to promote the uplift of weaker section.

There are four units in our college (units 26, 74, 99 each lead by a programme officer) enrolling more than five hundred volunteers every year. Various activities are undertaken by the NSS every year inside the campus and the adjoining village.

NSS Programme Officers
Unit No. 26 - Roopa.V.K(Dept. of Mathematics)
Unit No. 74 - Haskerali.E.C(Dept. of Malayalam)
Unit No. 99 - Dr. Habeeburahiman (Dept. of Commerce)

Campus Awareness Theatre
Awareness theatre is a unique centre to develop an individual's personality through theatrical activities, games, acting, singing and playing musical instruments. The theatre group also performs awareness dramas and street plays on issues like drug addiction, pollution, AIDS, blood donation etc. at neighboring places of the college.

Coordinator: C. Abdul Kareem (Dept. of Commerce)

It is a cultural body under Malayalam association formed for conducting speeches, seminars, competitions and workshops every year. Under its banner programmes like kaviyarangu, kavitha rachana camp, debates, versification competitions, variety entertainments during Onam festival are also conducted.
Coordinator: Baburajan.K (Dept. of Malayalam)

This forum under the guidance of the Mathematics Department was formed to catch and nurture young talented students in Mathematics. Though in infancy it is planning to move ahead with the searching of those talented and inculcating problem solving skill in them.

Coordinator: Dr. V. Rajendran (Dept. of Mathematics)


This is an earnest attempt to identify the resources innate in the student community of the commerce Dept., and to develop their intrinsic efficiency through various skill developments. For this purpose elocutions, discussions and seminars are organized every week.

Coordinator: Dr. P.V. Basheer Ahammed (Dept. of Commerce)

Astronomy club
This club on astronomical study is formed under the leadership of Physics Dept. Programmes like collection of stamps and news photos related to astronomy. Planetarium visit, Astronomy quiz etc. are conducted by this club.

Director: A.K. Abdul Gafoor (Dept. of Physics)

Entrepreneurship Development club
Its aim is to inculcate Entrepreneurial culture among students. Speeches, seminars by eminent persons, face to face interaction with the political leaders and businessmen etc. are arranged for this purpose.

Teacher in charge: Dr. C. Yakoob (Dept. of Commerce)

Tourism Club
This club is functioning in the college under the auspices of Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala enrolling 200 students,. Programmes on tourism awareness and identification of tourist centres, study tour, camp on ecotourism etc. are some of the activities of the club.

Teacher in charge: Dr. P.M. Habeeburahiman (Dept. of Commerce)

Childline India Foundation
It is a project of ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India. Our college is a nodal office of child line service in the district. The foundation has a national 24 hours free telephone (No. 1098) emergency helpline for children in need of care and protection.

Coordinator: P.K. Subairul Avan, M.S.W

Energy and Environment Conservation Club

It is affiliated to Energy Conservation Society, Trivandrum (Dept. of Power, Govt. of Kerala) to build awareness in energy and environment conservation among the students and the public. Various programs for students and rural people are organized by the club.

Coordinator: C.P. Mohamedkutty (Dept. of Chemistry)